MN lease recommendations?

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@Bowman Klinkenberg I prefer the MN bar lease.  It feels more through to me and since it follows MN law with the covenants section it informs the tenants of their duties.  I'm pretty sure @Amber Gonion and many big companies use the MHA lease.  From a legal point of view, I doubt there is much of a difference I just feel the Bar Association's a better feel as to responsibilities, but I doubt you can go wrong with either.  @Brad Schaeppi   I'd love to hear what you have to say.

@Bowman Klinkenberg I think both leases are very good.  The more important thing to remember is that each property is unique and may need addendums,  there is no one lease fits all.  @Tim Swierczek may have an addendum to his lease detailing issues arising from issues with students that rent rooms and the rental liability for each, subletting, and co-signers for properties around the U of M.  For a suburban property emphasis on restricting the number of cars that are allowed on the property.  A three bedroom home ending a lease anytime other than the summer months.  These are examples for each type of property that may be important for one and not for the others.  More so whichever lease that is used good strong rental criteria and adherence all terms by the landlord and not allowing tenants to slide is the best way to not need the lease in court.  

I personally use the MN Bar lease, with some changes, as I believe it is a bit more thorough than the MHA lease.  As a Pro member I have access to an "attorney reviewed BP lease" but out of all I use the MN Bar lease.  When I catch-up I plan to talk to the expert, @Brad Schaeppi , and update my lease.  Some would say I HAVE to make time for this but I have had a few transactions and a move in the last month., been a little busy!