Should I put an oven in my rental

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I have no oven/stove in this rental, the current tenants are moving out today! Should I put in a gas oven/stove? I have been getting $1250 per month and am going to raise the rent to $1350.  The current tenants were fine with it as is, since they were also the previous owners of the house for a long time. They have a gas oven that is really old in the basement that they used, but I am going to remove it. This is located in Michigan. 

Hopefully the tenants leave that awesome bag of Cheetos when they vacate!

But in all seriousness, if cost is the issue, I would look at the instillation numbers and decide. The kitchen looks pretty nice as it is - it would be an easier choice if the kitchen wasn't so nice. 

Consider an electric oven if gas hookups aren't cost feasible. 

If you decide not to install an oven due to cost or space issue I would at the very least provide a good-sized countertop convection oven; some tenants will consider not having an oven a dealbreaker and some won't.

@Karl B.  Thanks for your reply, that bag of food was why I bought the house! ;)  They have the stovetop burner there which is gas, and I wouldn't mind putting in a nicer floor...I have thought about the convection oven too. It is a 3/1 just over 1300 sq.ft. so probably a family is going to want to rent it. 

@Haley London - Have you been showing the unit to new tenants? What have they said? If anyone signs a lease with you, then they accept the place as they saw it. Some people never use an oven. Some people can make due with a $50 portable toaster oven for toast, chicken, etc. (The stovetop for cooking soup, pancakes, etc. is there, and is required by law). You’ll probably have to redo that countertop /cabinet for a shorter unit when you put in a joint stove/oven instead of the cooktop. I wouldn’t worry about it unless when I was showing the place I kept getting questions.