Rental Lost Keys and Charging Rent

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We moved out on August 15th but our argeement was until the 30th so we were willing to pay until then. Unfortunately somehow when moving we lost the keys to our old apartment. When we talked to them on August 28th, we explained that and asked them to just go ahead and charge us to rekey the doors. A couple weeks later we ended up finding a key and asked if they wanted us to bring it in and they said to. We just found out that they changed our move out to September 17th and charged my husband’s account for another month of rent. They never told us they were charging and since we told them before move out we didn’t have the keys, it was unexpected. What can I do? 

Do you have anything in writing? If you have written proof that you were only obligated until August 30th, then that is all they can charge you for.

It sounds like they are charging you for the extra weeks because you didn't turn in the keys. However, they need something in writing stating you will be charged if you fail to turn in the keys. Is that in your lease?

I would push back but I don't know if you'll win without standing in front of a judge.

If your lease was until Aug 30, why would they charge you for Sept? Maybe it was just an accounting error? I can see them charging for re-keying, but that’s maybe $100 or so. Have you reached out to them and asked?

Yes, they were trying to charge us until they were able to get the new lock on there. I got them to drop it because we had paperwork that showed our move out date and argued that we told them two days before move out, and it should not have taken 19 days to put a new lock in. They said that it might be a couple weeks until we get the money back though.