How much should Insurance cost for rental units?

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I have single family and Duplexes and I have been shopping around and I am surprised and the differences in price and coverage. Just wondering what the BP community thinks as far as coverage and cost? 

policy #1 $3496 for 2 single family and a duplex $1000 deductible $1,000,000 liability 50% replacement 

Policy #2 $5713 for 2 single family and a duplex $1000 deductible $1,000,000 liability 80% replacement and personal       injury and loss of rent.

would love to get some opinions. 

Thanks, Mike

It is difficult to do a direct apples to apples comparison w/o my endorsements in front of me, and I have a much bigger umbrella for liability. Both quotes seem high; but perhaps rates in NY are that much higher. I am thinking 2100 for all three based on 500-750k value for each property, with a higher deductible-2500, and 100% replacement. I shop insurance every two years just to keep my provider honest.