Swimming pools in rentals?

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Hi Friends,

What are the pros and cons of having a rental house with a swimming pool?  I know they don't necessarily add value to a house, but do they add value as a rental?  Is the liability not worth it?  Is the upkeep not worth it?  Does landlord or tenant maintain the pool?  Or do you hire a pool service and roll it into the rent?  It is a plus in desert areas like Las Vegas or Phoenix?  

Thank you for your input!

My property manager requires pool service I pay for so it’s “rolled” in to rent in my 2 vegas properties with pools. I don’t think I would go out of my way to buy a pool house but often a house with a pool is the same price as a house without. For people without dogs it adds a purpose to the yard. (We have a pool in our primary only becuase without dogs or kids, rocks or grass both seemed like a waste.)

It doesn’t seem to affect insurance quotes at least here. I have a $3million umbrella for the liability but it covers all properties obviously. Long long story short, I wouldn’t pay extra for a pool property but I also wouldn’t avoid a house with a pool.

We don't buy rentals with pools just from a liability perspective.  Do point adding more risk.  Also there is a cost of maintaining the pool (pump filter plaster).  You may get a premium in rent but then again you may not.

However if I were to buy a property with a pool, I'd require professional upkeep, either I would hire it out and charge the tenant or ask the tenant for proof that it is being done.  

@Kathrine Pomeroy there are no "pros" to having a pool in a rental. No, they dont add value, yes, they are a huge liability, and yes they require constant maintenance. If you were buying a 200 unit complex, you could consider it, but for a Single family house, no way