Clean kitchen Drain charged $175 too much?

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I have a rental property in Montgomery AL, MY PM hired a guy to clean the kitchen sink drain using 50" rod through line and charged me $175. Is price normal or too much?

It's high for my market but I can't speak for yours. READ THIS ARTICLE to get a better idea of averages.

If you want something more accurate, call around to a couple local plumbers. Or you can call this specific plumber directly and ask why he charged so much. Maybe he ran into some problems that required additional time/effort?

90% of my sink clogs are solved at the trap. Rarely does it go 25ft, but it has happened if the tenant has been putting grease down the sink.

I'm 90% sure you got hosed, but whose to say? At least it was only $175. Part of being an OOS investor.