Bed bug infestation from Hell! What to do?

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Ya'll let's talk about Bed Bugs!

Those of us who are battle tested have dealt with them many times. Newbies out there resist the urge to shield your eyes. This is part of the game. Here is a photo one of my employees sent me yesterday. Yum!

Who else has some Bed Bug stories or photos that they'd like to share?

What do you do to get rid of your Bed Bugs?

@James Wise bed bugs are an unfortunate reality in the apartment investing community. I have a 9 unit in Berwyn, IL that had a pretty nasty infestation when we purchased it. We didn't know about it (of course!) so it was a nasty surprise. The main thing to know going in is that it will probably take 6 months to a year to clear it up. Make sure your pest remediation company has strong warranties, and make sure that they are using silica in all of the wall cavities, outlets, switches, etc. 

The first company I hired just sprayed, and the bed bug infestation went down quite a bit, but bounced back. The guy offered a 30 day warranty, which will absolutely not cut it with bed bugs. Then I found a local guy who offered a 90 day warranty. This guy honored his warranty and came back 6 or 7 times. He was successful, and we are still bed bug free... even the one nasty couch that one of my tenants wouldn't get rid of!

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I feel like taking a shower after looking at that picture...ugh.

Fortunately that isn't something I've had to deal with. Yet.

 You will............

Here is some info on Bed Bugs for those who haven't yet had the pleasure of dealing with them.

  • Bed bugs are small, flat, oval, reddish-brown, wingless insects that feed primarily on the blood of humans.
  • Adult bed bugs are approximately ¼ inch long, about the size of an apple seed. Young bed bugs (nymphs) are quite small and when unfed they appear lighter and almost clear in color.
  • Bed bugs do not fly or jump. However, they can crawl very fast.
  • Bed Bugs bite. The bite may appear within hours or delayed up to a week.
  • Bed bugs are primarily a nuisance to humans and are not known to transmit disease. Some people have no reaction to bites while other people may experience itchiness and irritation. Try to avoid scratching bites. Questions about bite marks should be directed to a medical provider.
  • Bed bugs bites often occur on the arms, shoulders, neck and legs.
  • The bite can usually be seen as a red bump, up to a centimeter in size and without a red puncture mark in the middle.
  • The bites may occur in lines or as a cluster of three or four.

I have not yet had to deal with them in my units. I have been bit in a hotel.  They were the itchiest bites I’ve ever had.  Those pics are horrible.  How did they let it get that bad?!?!?

Originally posted by @George M. :

I have not yet had to deal with them in my units. I have been bit in a hotel.  They were the itchiest bites I’ve ever had.  Those pics are horrible.  How did they let it get that bad?!?!?

Keeping their homes & yards like this may have something to do with it 

Once you've dealt with enough tenants from hell you stop asking those questions though. lol, it's what they do.

@James Wise I had to replace carpet in an infested house with laminate thinking that would fix it but no.Spent a lot on various fumigation without desired results. However, I read about rubbing alcohol+ mint oil like a charm. Make sure you find their 'nest' and apply it there.Just go crazy with it and apply it everywhere.They will die on contact.You may need to get rid of furniture that may serve as hideout for them.Springbox is notorious for this. Goodluck.!