Military Areas- good investment?

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Originally posted by @Katrina Carter :
I'm a new investor and prior military. What has been the outlook on investing in miltary area? Im wondering of people tend to do well in those areas? Any experience? Words of wisdom?

 I like military areas. You have to approach it a little differently because the needs are different. If you want more detail you can PM me.

Originally posted by @Katrina Carter :
@Mike M. Thanks! Im in California so im looking for more affordable areas outside California!

 Well, that's why a lot of people from CA invest here. And, we love the military, they are respected and appreciated here.

I sent you a PM.

@Katrina Carter , my wife and I live in a military area (Rock Island Arsenal) and have two rental homes.  2/3 of our renters have been military, and they've been great tenants.  Respectful, responsible, professional, etc.  And like @Account Closed said, they're respected and appreciated here.

The rental market here is strong, so that combined with great military tenants, we've done very well.  We purchased the kind of homes, in the kind of neighborhoods and school district, that professional military families want to live in.  And we price our rentals such that mainly higher-ranked military personnel are interested.  We're on the base's off-base housing list, not sure how much that's helped, but nice to know we're officially associated with the base.

Anyway, real estate investing in a military area has been great for us.  Hope that helps.  Best of luck to you!


Market here is strong. I am military and also an investor. High ranking members come here usually as a last assignment before retirement so they want to rent. There are not a lot of higher end rentals available here but there is certainly a need. Let me know if I can help in any way! Dabble in a bit of wholesaling, flipping, and buy and hold myself. 

thanks everyone for the feedback! I got on the phone today and spoke with a lender in the area I am interested.  Sounds like the lender is also an investor and has several properties of her own! Im getting so excited at the idea of actually getting started, finally!!