Application to manage rental portfolio - User Friendly

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Dear BP members. I have several properties and I have been using Excel to keep a track of all my rents, expenses etc. I have been using it to for 8 years now and it has been working great but as I grow I am looking for something that gives a dashboard so that I can have a high level view of all my properties, expenses, loans etc.

Can you recommend any online FREE software that you havebeen using which you would like to recommend. It would be great if there is an easier way to transfer my data from excel into this app as I have several units and I don’t want to do it manually. Also if there is a mobile app for it. Appreciate your advice.

Quick-books rental  is not free but it is easy to move into from excel.  I am unsure about a free product.  If you get QB pro you can use from phone and then add the rental package.   Sorry couldn't help more.