What is the best online rental application site? (free to landlor

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Hi - I'm a landlord in the Chicago, Illinois area and I'm looking to digitize my tenant application process. We currently email them a paper application which they print, fill out, sign and text me a picture. I then go to mrlandlord.com to run credit and then I verify employment and check rental references on my own. It's like its 1995

What is the best online application process that puts the cost on the tenant provides the best information on which to make an accept or decline decision?

I am getting ready to give the BP preferred company a try. They seem to have a good setup, and can take payment directly from the potential tenants. I think its always best not to pull credit yourself, as you open yourself up to liability. 

Good Luck! 

We use rent perfect. Costs the applicant $35.00 per adult. Nationwide search. Credit report, address history, criminal history and more. the full boat. Tenant initiates the request so it is considered a soft pull and will not ding their credit if they are a potential buyer. Members of Illinois REIA get an access link and pay a one time registration fee of $0.95 to set up their user portal.

used smart move from transunion for 4 tenants now, nice, simple and quick.  i would give them a try and suppports biggerpockets too.