Rental Property Condo Rehab - Selecting Finishes

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My business partner and I are closing on a condo in the next couple of weeks that needs a major rehab.  Our strategy is to buy and hold, benefit from the positive monthly cash flows, and sell after about 5 years of stress free property management.

The issue I am having is selecting finishes that are reasonably affordable (dare I say cheap), durable for renters, and still get top $ on an appraisal when we go to refinance.  I have most items selected through Home Depot but stuck on some of the larger ticket items.

What are some recommended, durable kitchen/bathroom counter tops?  Same for tile types in bathroom shower, bathroom floor, and kitchen floor (match bathroom).

@Kevin Dunne What class property? Who are your buyers in five years? I would look at photos of sold condos in your area....ones that sold for top dollar and ones that sold at a discount. Many on this forum like lvt flooring. Maybe pay up for solid core like lifeproof at home depot. The rest are aesthetics choices that need to be desirable in 5 years. I like black granite, classic & timeless. But white quartz with the chips is nice too. Both very expensive but durable.