Do all tenants need to meet the minimum credit criteria?

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One property, 3 applicants.

Would you accept an application where one tenant meets your credit minimums, but 2 additional applicants do not.  Our application states we require a minimum of 650 and we do require everyone over the age of 18 who intends to occupy the property to apply separately. What if one person had a 800 and the other 2 had 500?   Is it enough to just reject them based on "not meeting the credit criteria" or do they need something more specific?

Thank you @Jaysen Medhurst .  I was thinking the same.  I want to stay consistent with our policy of all occupants over 18 having to apply as well as our minimum 650 score.  I think I was just trying to figure out how to tell the one person who would have been more than qualified on his own,  "no" based on not all 3 meeting the criteria.  He asked why the lease couldn't just be in his name but again that is not our policy.

PS I'm from CT originally......This is my favorite time of year up there!   

Are these three unrelated adults? Will they all be sharing the rent? For example: I had an applicant that met all the criteria for himself, and his girlfriend and son were also going to live with him. I let him apply alone. He is solely responsible for the rent. Many will tell you she should have applied as well. She was a stay at home mom, I just chose to only run him. But, if all applicants are sharing the rent, then they all need to qualify separately. Your policy is your policy. No need for explanations other than; "your application didn't meet the minimum criteria".