Emotional Support Squirrels

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We are either the weakest people on the planet or the greatest fraudsters. I'm hoping it's the latter.

If you can't handle living in the privacy of your home (or rental) without an animal, you probably need to be a psychiatric care unit. If you can't handle stepping in to a grocery store or attending Sunday church service without a dog in your pack, you may need to be medicated and under constant supervision.

I'm prior military and a combat veteran. Even the PTSD animals are a farce. Our ancestors fought much harder wars an managed to live their lives without taking dogs in vests everywhere they went. Now we have people with PTSD after one bomb goes off in their vicinity and they're incapable of working or even shopping for toothpaste without a dog?

We are encouraging weakness and, like an untrained emotional support animal, it will come back to bite us as a society.