Hey All,

Hope everyone is doing great in their real estate ventures!!

As we begin to close out 2018. Ive began to reflect on the year, while I haven't posted in a while, the one thing that has kept popping up most of the year, which is....

The ungodly amount of phone calls that I receive on a daily basis. Quick background I co-own/manage 192 multi family units. This is my full time job so the time is there and I do know how to do almost all of our reno's and fixes. However the problem I'm having is that every time i start to get into a grove for the day, the phone decides to non-stop ring. with problems ranging from backed up toilet, to my light bulb in my bathroom is out. 

So the big question I have is do any fellow landlords out there use any type of app or program for your phone that allows you to set up a sort of "Mock" business line. I mean this in the sense that if someone called it goes to auto answer with a telepromt that says press 1 for maintenance, 2 for lease and rent and etc... this way the tenant is able to make their voice and problem heard but i don't have to sit and have small talk and constantly stop what im doing to answer a phone call that in all reality shouldn't have been made. I have the new iPhone Xs so i believe i heard your able to get two lines on one phone now but the problem is i don't want just another line that i have to answer i need help sorting through the real calls that need attention from those frivioulos 8pm phone calls that they saw a squirrel climbing on the gutter. 

PS I know the obviously solution is to hire someone to answer phones, but for 35-40k a year Id much rather find an alternate solution.

Thanks All!