Mold Issue Forcing Redo of HVAC

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I was just alerted to a potential mold issue at a rental house I have. From the pictures I have seen thus far, the mold seems to be pretty pervasive throughout all of the vents, making me think this may force me to have to redo the entire HVAC system (as opposed to just getting it cleaned and sanitized). I have had a mold specialist out to the property to take an initial look. The actual HVAC unit itself is old (20+ yrs) and the vents / ducts are only somewhat newer, so I knew this was going to have to take place sooner or later. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with mold remediation and HVAC overhauls in single family rental properties that are occupied by tenants?


I would try to just have them cleaned first.  And, install a HEPA filter.  There is also a system available that can be wired directly into the plenum that supposedly eliminates or at least controls the mold. 

Ugh, I just had this very thing done this week. They found mold in the kitchen duct, lots of junk and dropped food down in the vents, etc. I called out the HVAC guys to see about a cleaning, but the ductwork is 48 years old and he didn't think it would hold up to a cleaning. The unit itself is only three years old.

Sooo I decided to spring for all new ductwork and vents - they also widened the tiny 2 x 12 vents in the larger rooms for better air flow - it took two full days and cost $3900 for a 1600 sq. ft. house. Tenants had to deal with no AC for two days, but they were fine with it and it'll be good for as long as I own that house. Took a chunk out of my profit for this year, but I feel better knowing everything is clean and working well.

I’ve had ducts cleaned after years of soot and who knows what else being blown through them. While it wasn’t specifically the ‘M’ word, they were dirty! The cleaning really worked well, they were definitely 20-30+ years old. They cut a few holes in the basement ducts to run their cac and blowers. All in all, well worthwhile.