I'm at the point of closing on a duplex that  I'm purchasing with a renovation loan (which has a 6 month timeline to complete the renovations). I've been renting one side & will become the owner. The renter on the other side is a very long term renter, low income, on a month to month lease. They know this is coming and have expressed willingness to move but also some insecurity regarding where they will go. They paid the current owners late this month but did pay, so their lease is up with month end on Oct 31. The 30 day notice window would start Nov 1 and end Nov 30.


1) I have them sign a lease for the month of November, correct?

2) Concurrently with the lease I give them 30 day notice?

3) Concurrently do I offer cash for keys to move out earlier?

I am a bit concerned that they'll drag their feet, and worst case scenario it ends up being an eviction that also negatively impacts the reno timeline required by the contract.