Bogus prospective tenant

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I'm renting new condos and a lady comes by for a showing, and asks for an application. Before I even send her an application, from a simple search, I see she has 2 prior bankruptcies and is currently in another bankruptcy. The nerve of some people makes me shake my head. Wasting my time. 

You guys have any stories of shady applicants? 

@George V. Did you let her know what your pre-screening requirements were before you showed her the apartment? Doing that can save you a lot of time with people who wouldn't otherwise qualify. I've been there with people wasting your time. Very frustrating.

When you show the property or talk to people about it, you should give them a general idea of your screening requirements and any automatic disqualifiers. It will save your time and theirs.

Yeah you should have picked up on that during the pre screening  call for the showing . Hit your major points over the phone so you can weed out the fools . Be sure your minimum requirements follow the fair housing act over the phone . 

As everyone have said above Pres-screening  the tenant is really important so that you don't waste your time or theirs showing the apartment when based on your requirements they wouldn't even qualify for anyways. 

When I was still green and didn't know about prescreening, I had a woman, Ferlita, come to see my house.  She seemed like she could have been drunk from the night before.  I'm good at getting people to talk...and did she ever TALK.  She told me all about how much fun she had in a scheme at the local hospital of taking people's identities when they were in the hospital.  This Ferlita would dress up like the person whose identity she had stolen and buy all kinds of things.  "And, by the way, that closet will NOT be able to hold all MY shoes."  The kicker was she was on Section 8.  That's how I found out that once someone is on Section 8, it's not as though Section 8 is aware of later felonies.  In this woman's case she had been charged but not sentenced yet.  She kept calling me saying that we had really connected so she wasn't sure why I hadn't rented to her yet.  I didn't want her to do something to my property if she got mad at me so I played dumb and friendly until she stopped trying.  I've been making a 20-part Youtube playlist called Secrets of Section 8 Revealed and I wrote a blog about running background checks on people with Section 8 and I actually found a news article about a Ferlita felon who was probably my applicant.  Ferlita the Felon and Section 8 Screening