Renting off Zillow/Trulia/Hotpads no profile showings

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I posted a rental and got a lot of responses but almost none had filled out a profile. So I responded to all with a short email saying the property was available and asked that they tell me a little about themselves like employment, timeframe and why they are moving and we could set up a showing. No response from any, about 15 over a few days. What gives? I have had a couple of showings with some who filled out the profile and wrote a note and had one more that cancelled because “both tire and spare were flat.” Do you assume all have read the post and qualify? And just agree to show them? Thanks for any insight.

Agree w Bob on this one...I have 2 units up there now and I’d say 10-15% of them or less have generated warm leads.  Facebook Marketplace is even worse it seems...I swear many of them are just trolls trying to see if you’ll violate fair housing laws so just be careful in your wording in responses and be consistent.  

I would not assume that people inquiring about a rental have actually read the ad. Most just look at the pictures, the rental amount, and click the button looking for more info. If you have minimum screening criteria I would state those in your initial response even if you state it clearly in the ad.

@Marian Smith Thanks. Just wondering if anyone actually called or texted the interested emailers...they all put down a phone number but no other information. I guess they are self-screening for me. (I was wondering if I am just a different generation and needed to revise how I communicate).