looking for Landlord/investor Software

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Hi BP, 

I am looking for recommendations for a software to help me manage and grow my portfolio. Most of the software I have looked at like Buildium, Hemlane, CIC etc., are great for landlords that do their own property management, however, I have a property manager that handles the day-today operations so I those platforms really don't fit my bill. 

I am currently using Quick Books Online, which is great for the overall financials of the company, but I would like something that integrates the tools needed for CRE investing, partnerships and syndications.

I am looking for something more strategic to were I can set targets, milestones for projects, properties, and my company and track and manage their progress. Something, that will track the equity in each property, can calculate the ROI, ROE, and projected IRR in real time.

If something like this exists, I would greatly appreciate the lead. Thanks!