How long does an eviction take in Broward County, FL?

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I live in NJ and have a FL tenant that has not paid the rent this month. My attorney in FL posted the 5 day Pay or Quit notice and the tenant has not responded. If she doesn't pay or respond by this Friday, the attorney will file for a writ of possession. He says it can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months to evict.

Can any FL landlords share their experience? Thanks in advance!

Step 1. Drive to walmart.
Step 2, buy a shotgun
Step 3, drive to property
Step 4, remove front door with shotgun
Step 5, leave note saying you will be back to fix the "other problems".

Doing this usually will also give you free room and board for many months in a county "hotel"

All playing aside, it might benefit to you to have a local realtor or someone bang on the door at different hours of the day to talk to the tenants. I've found that 99% of the time talking allows you to not use the eviction tool.

Steps 1 - 5 actually work in Kentucky, a more landlord friendly state ;)

I spoke to the tenant prior to posting the notice. Her response - I told you, I can't pay the rent until the 13th. I told her that was unacceptable and if the rent and late fees weren't forthcoming, my attorney would be handling this. Since then, no communication and no money.

It's hardly practical to have someone bang on the door at all hours. However, if you're willing, I'll give you the address.

If it was in Marion I'd actually do it for giggles. Then again I like a little drama from time to time.

An agent stopping by in the morning and then after work isn't all that difficult. If she is responsive via phone though I might follow up with another call and ask her where the rent is at, or if she was planning on leaving. My hope would be you have some sort of deposit to help cover costs.

I've learned i'm not the best landlord, always using the carrot and unwilling to use the stick. Hence why i stick to flipping.

PM me the address though, picked up 2 assets in Broward that i'm closing on this week. No promises but if its close i'll swing by

Unfortunately, it is NOT an easy task to undertake when collecting past due amounts owed.

It is especially tough when you are an Out-of-State Owner and your tenant defaults.

Hiring a Professional Property Manager is ALWAYS an ideal solution so that you know that your property is managed by a professional real estate agent and that they are LOCAL.

Our company for example is able to provide all services from leasing up, to property management; we are able to collect rents and if not, we send the required legal notices and ultimately file an eviction through our attorney with typically minimal cost to the owner.

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