So... I've been away for a while... did a couple deals, one has been a giant pain, one was going well.. until it wasn't.  Advice sought, or suggestions on who to talk to.

Bought a duplex in Cleveland proper, seller had marketed it as a duplex, when I did inspection, found out that he was renting the attic out and including that in the money.  However, there was no utilities to the third floor.  I pointed that out, he knocked off a good chunk of money, I bought it with the intent to make it a legal triplex.   However, I found that the attic tenant had a clause in his lease about how he was paying his utilities, and thought I had to honor that until it expired.   Planned to fix it then.

In the mean time, 2nd floor tenant moved out (fine), and PM filled the vacancy.  Unfortunately, she apparently believed (or was told, we're unsure) that the attic could be used for storage.  She finds out that there's someone there, she calls the city.

So now I'm facing a city inspection (1/4/19), knowing that the third unit is not going to meet compliance.  They may also do a lead paint swipe.

Help / Tips / Suggestions appreciated.