Market rental house to medical students

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Hi BP friends,

I want to double check if marketing my rental house to "medical students" will get me in any sort of trouble.

I do not believe students are a protected class and as long all my ads will do the same this should be fine, correct?

Also, after a month if such a strategy will not work, I would change and advertise to all students, and then next month to all applicant classes. Are there any issues with such a plan?


It could depend on your state, but generally speaking student's aren't any kind of protected class. As long as your wording doesn't discourage other applicants you should be fine. 

 I would start as broad as possible. You won't want to ONLY market to medical students. The more people that can picture themselves renting this house, the faster your vacancy will be filled.

 In your ads, I would have information about how it could be great for health science/medical students because of how close it is to the medical school, hospital, etc but also include other desirable features or major employers. (.5 miles to X hospital, 5 blocks to whatever great elementary school, ride your bike to X university!)