Provisions on Lease for Roommate

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Hi BP, 

To help out a family member I am going to rent out one side of our duplex to him, however he cannot afford the rent on his own so we are looking to find him a roommate. My question is, are there any provisions or rules that I should make in the lease on how common areas, rental payments(I want to only receive payment from one), and any disputes will be handled? I have a pretty good lease for a SFH, but this is my first with a duplex. I did a few google searches and was not really able to find any good language for my lease. Let me know if you have any ideas!

I'm concerned you could have trouble getting rents in the event your relative has issues with the roommate and the roommate ends up moving out (especially if the roommate has a good argument in doing so).

Or what if one tenant (whether your relative or the other roommate) pays and the other doesn't? Then you have the headache of which or both to evict. 

As they say, no good deed goes unpunished.

As far as common areas I make my tenants sign a list of rules which includes keeping the common areas clean and uncluttered (such as the shared basement and laundry room). 

Since I have a lease from my apartment association I added the rules list to cover anything I want to especially enforce and also because the lease I use is in-depth and written in lawyer-language (it's seriously like 8 pages of text but it covers me legally) and I want to make certain my tenants are aware of the rules so they can't act surprised later on.

As far as rent you can collect it digitally which would make receiving payment from each tenant in that side/floor of the duplex easier as it's digital.