Favorite Type of LVP in Rentals/Flips?

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I'm looking to replace the carpet in one of my rentals with Luxury Vinyl Plank (unless laminate is a better option). For the area, it's going to be towards the nicer rental end of the spectrum and I want a fairly neutral floor color/feel. From your experience, what gives me the best bang for the buck?

Hey Pawel!  I'm really bummed nobody replied to your question, I have the exact question.  What did you end up going with?  

I love Floor & Decor Nucore LVP — my favorite color right now that i’m installing in all my rentals and flips is Driftwood Oak. It has a cork backing and goes really well over any surface or imperfect flooring. No underlayment needed. I’ve got it straight over tile in some rentals and it’s held up well for years now. It’s also in the home I live in!