Help with inherited tenant move out.

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Hello I have a question about a situation I have found myself in. I own a 6 unit apartment building that was purchased with inherited tenants. (Owned over a year now). One of these tenants recently gave me a verbal 30 day notice of move out. She cleared the property and allowed us to enter the property to measure for carpet the day before formal walkthrough. It is a mess and there is holes in the walls and doors. She hasn’t payed this months rent yet. We do not have a pre move in walkthrough because one was never provided at purchase. What advice do you guys have for this situation? Thanks

Obviously at this point hopefully you have gotten a security deposit at your close to help cover some of the damages but at this point in time i'd quickly just focus and dial in your energy on the unit turn so you can get get this rented quickly. A unit turn should be within 30 days.

If she is moved out already it is going to be difficult to chase after the last months rent. Is she moved out already? I mean you could continue with claims but i mean the time

Anyways, let me know if i missed anything so i can further help you out. Excited to see other posts.

We are meeting tomorrow for a formal walkthrough. Her mom is a property manager and contacted me wanting the pre walkthrough condition paperwork and we never received it. My fear is that they will challenge the deposit ($2000) withdrawal. Claiming we have no proof of condition of property when she moved in. Well over $2000 in damages and lost rent at this point.

I can testify that the damage occurred within the last few months because I do a couple walkthroughs a year and it never had this damage from before. (She had a bad boyfriend move in that was abusive) did not get our approval of him moving in either

@Jake Mchaley

Agree on the fact that deposit will more than likely be challenged. It always is. You wouldn't happen to have any documentation on those walk through's you did? Or like pictures/notes?

Yea you may be taking some hits on the final rent and additional expenses but the positives is you are going to be able to screen a fresh tenant to meet your criteria and add-value to a unit and maybe get a premium for it for future rent to come.

I would withhold the entire deposit based on estimates for repairs from professional contractors, considering you will not get last months rent, and let her fight it if she chooses. Being afraid to operate your business never works out well.

Thomas this is exactly my plan. I’m not afraid to run my business I’m just looking for advice from someone who has dealt with a similar experience in the past. Maybe they will have an idea that I’m not thinking of. Thank you

@Jake Mchaley it doesn't matter if her mom is a property manager, an attorney, or the President of the United States. Unless she has evidence the damage was present prior to occupancy, she has no case. She can try to sue you but where's her evidence? Meanwhile, you would testify that the damage wasn't there a few months ago and you can call witnesses to verify you inspect the units every few months. You can also prove she didn't pay her rent this month. 

I would cut off communication with the mom immediately. She's not your tenant and has no right to any documents or information, period. Speak only to your tenant. When you conduct the final walk-through, simply write down the things you think are tenant responsibility. Don't argue with her about it. Don't negotiate anything. Just document the damage, make the repairs, charge the tenant, and move on.