Lease Agreement- How To

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Originally posted by @Matt Whittle :

I'm looking for advice on the creation of a lease agreement. Can I simply have a lawyer create one? Do I need to do any research? Are there any amendments you recommend?

Thank you for any help!

 Hiring a lawyer is probably your best bet. They can personalize it to you & your company. A cheaper alternative would be downloading some templates online. Here on BP there are leases for all 50 states. I think they are in the TOOLS section or something of that nature.

It really depends on the kind of property you're looking to rent. I would say if you want something 100% ironclad and tuned to your situation, get a lawyer. Otherwise, there are plenty of websites and services that offer templates and mock-ups. Just make sure they're registered/apply to your state! Would be kind of silly to have one of my Arizona tenants wondering why there was Oregon Civil Code or something like that.

@Matt Whittle Pay a lawyer one time to create a good lease agreement for you that is state specific (to the state where your property is located) AND to explain it to you (so that you have a good understanding of it). In the short-term it will cost you money, but it will undoubtedly save you money in the long-term.

Hi Matt, I can help draft a standard lease agreement if you’d like! As had been said, it’s worth the investment to have an attorney draft one that can be used for all your leases. I can also help draft different provisions for different situations you might encounter.