Converting a prospect into a rent paying tenant

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I have been able to get a lot of propects to either visit property or schedule an appointment. But I am having trouble converting them into tenants. I have tried a few things:

1. Push them to make an application on their first visit.
2. Get them into personal conversation to make it diffcult for them to make an excuse for not signing.

Also, I think that my property does not have good curb appeal. I hope to fix that in a week or so. But I have very strong factors such as location and low rents.

Any suggestions?


Do follow up calls with the people you have shown the property to. Find out if they rented somewhere else. Find out what area and hoe much they are paying along with anything included with the rental. Basically a market survey to make sure that you are in the ballpark on rent and find out the objections to renting your property. It could be you are pushing to hard at the interview and sound desperate.

Jim hit the nail right on the head. Do a follow up with the people who come to see your property. Ask them about what they liked/disliked about your property. Find out why they did not fill out your application (was it your pitch?).

Maybe asking if there was anything that might have made them be more interested would be a good idea as well.

Good luck, and get on that curb appeal!

A couple of things that I have tried in the past is for the first showing I setup for the following Saturday about 11am for everyone that calls. This will do a number of things for your returns. First you make one trip and show it to many people. Second is with a turn as few as three different people at the same time they all think that is highly wanted and dont want to miss out. It basicly comes down to if there is not hype for the area then make it yourself. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Ramus Carribean
The Carribean Group