Without A.C. for a Week and still nothing

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Well, I've been living in this house for quite a year now, and the Landlord is always being disrespectful with us and always taking too much to fix things in this 10 years old house that is falling in peaces , last week our a.c broke, it wasn't getting cold, so we asked him and only 4 days later someone came to "help", and the a.c. was working again for 2 days, and then it got it broke (the air made an explosion sound and there was smoke coming out of my son's bedroom air ventilation) so we turned the a.c. off and open the windows so the burning smell would go away and then we called the Landlord and told him about what happened and that we need it him to call someone to fix it or something, anything. He said he would call someone and this is the fourth day without it and my house is at 85 degrees inside, I just want to know if there is anything we can do, this house is always having a bunch of problems such as garage door that doesn't work, refrigerator leaking, fans in the sealing that just stopped working and some of them working but they literally look like they are gonna fall in any second. I just want to rent another house, I want to know if he broke any law by not fixing the a.c. after 4 days, and if not how many days more till that.