Problems selecting a property management system

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We have a 275 unit portfolio in Chicago. We currently use Quickbooks Enterprise for financial tracking, and we do ACH rent collections for about 40% of our tenants manually through our bank's website. We don't currently have a formal system for tenant tracking / leasing / renewals etc. Just basically a bunch of excel spreadsheets. As you can imagine, this makes things very labor intensive and prone to error.

My dilemma is this: 

The owners love Quickbooks. The reporting for financial items is very robust and highly customizable. It does have its limitations with property management tasks though. I would love to have a system that seamlessly does the rental cycle from start to finish, has a tenant portal for payments, and has a good report generation functionality. I have found it easy to locate a system for the first two items, but not the last. 

All of the systems I have tested for small to medium sized companies have weak reporting functions. For example, I tested a system yesterday that will let you define and enter custom fields for tenants (like if they have a pet, etc), but you cant run a report based on those fields. So if I wanted to run a tenant contact list and have a notation on the list for pets, it wouldn't be able to do that. With Quickbooks, if I have a custom field for pets for a tenant, I can make it appear on any tenant report if I wanted to. 

Does anyone have suggestions on a system that has a strong reporting feature?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

QuickBooks Enterprise is your solution if you want to stay with QuickBooks. You can have it all. OK most of it:

- user access control, 15 custom fields, free support from Intuit, not industry-specific,  20 lifetime; and

Have you tried Advance reporting? feature right within QuickBooks Enterprise. Of course, it all depends on how your file is set up.

Yes, you can do what you mentioned above.