Bad neighbors and the slumlord owner next door.

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I have a rental in a lower income area that has about three quarters of the people living there are related or friends of some sort. This is a nice place to live except the new monsters next door. Next door a nice home was sold to a slumlord, he moved in some woman that is on welfare half the year, has kids from four different men and has a lazy out of work bum of a boyfriend. I know all this because I overheard the woman talking to the owner showing it and thought "well that one is not getting into that house" boy was I wrong!

Long story short they move in, bring four unlicensed dogs that run around pooping in my yard that are not in the lease. ( I promptly called animal control and they captured 3 of them ) They moved in her bum brother and his two brats, also not on the lease and all of those kids are using my front yard as a walkway wearing a path through my nice sod lawn.

I have called this man many times and let him know about his tenants, I have sent him many pictures for proof, I talked to him once and he said he would look into it and now he no longer answers the phone or calls me back! 

These kids constantly throw trash on my property and use it for their playground despite  me telling them and their parents to keep them off. Yesterday they actually told my wife they had no control over what their kids friends did and it wasn't their children yet I have pictures.

Yesterday I was finally fed up, after hearing KGO attorney Len Tillem tell someone with a similar story they could take the owner of the rental home to small claims court and sue for the amount of 7,500 dollars because the tenant is ruining my right "quiet enjoyment" and property damage.

What does everyone else think? I really just want them out of there because it will make renting this home to good people harder. I had a good family lined up that is friends with everyone on the other side of the house but they backed out due to the new tenants next door.

I could put a fence up to stop them from trespassing on my lawn but the garbage in my yard from them and the loudness would not go away. The kids are always screaming and someone is always crying about something loudly. Yesterday i found the kids messing with my trailer trying to work the electric tongue jack. (the power is turned off inside the locked trailer )

I called the landlord and told him last night this was the last time I will call and to remedy the situation or the next he will be hearing from me will be in the form of a summons to small claims court.

I'm thinking of getting the other Neighbors to also file suits at the same time each for 7,500 to sent this slumlord a message since they can no longer enjoy enjoy their front courtyards in the evenings.

Sorry for the rant but their driving me crazy and I'm just their fixing up the place!

I don't have an answer for you but I'm interested in hearing what other people have to say. I haven't had this particular experience but I have had a nasty run in with one of the neighbors of one of my rentals

Have you tried calling law enforcement? These situations are always best resolved between individuals, but it sounds like that's not going to work. I really doubt you could sue the landlord for the way their tenants behave. A fence could be a good investment. If they're on your property, wouldn't they be trespassing? If you really want to get them out, a constant barrage of complaints to the police department has worked for other people in the past. They HAVE to respond to every call. This will eventually piss them off and take action. Like I said, I'd really consider a privacy fence and then go and get it leased.

Ed O.

    Read up on the web about quite and enjoyment rights and you will find many people sue the landlord that will not keep his tenants under control. I just read another angle where the neighbors file a restraining order to make them move.

    I guess I got through to the owner because the tenant came out and apologized for his kids and told me if the grass gets torn up he will replace it tonight. He suggested building a fence along my driveway to cut the kids off. I may install three panels of vinyl fence in tan color, this will help keep their rat dogs out of my yard too.

    Originally posted by Jeffrey C.:
    I'm thinking of getting the other Neighbors to also file suits at the same time each for 7,500 to sent this slumlord a message since they can no longer enjoy enjoy their front courtyards in the evenings.

    This is the answer, imo. Organize a block association and organize the tenants to approach the landlord with lawsuit threats. Next (if that doesn't work and after you file lawsuits) put pressure on your councilman to pressure the landlord.

    Who is the landlord anyway? Does he have a business? Get the (newly formed) block association together and picket his business or home.

    Pressure needs to be put on both the landlord and tenants. One of them will eventually crack (likely the landlord will first) and the tenants will be gone.

    You're going to have to likely bring this mess to his DOOR.

    Ibrahim Hughes

    I once had a terrible tenant, she had 10+ kids, yes over ten kids. They did everything that you've eplained about your neighbors. One of the sons where selling drugs and he even shot a bullet hole into a parked vehicle on the street. The neighbors comlained heavily to the police department and dectives. A detective contacted me and told me to evict the tenants or they will and will charge me for attorney fees. I met the detetive at the small claims court. The detective told the judge at the filing that an emergency 3 day eviction was needed and the judge granted it. It normally takes 2-3 for eviction. (I need this detective all the time for evictions) The where out of my rental in 96 hours and the block was quiet again. So what you and the neighors must do is keep calling the police and the detective in the area; make complaints. The law will get tired of this and will contact the landlord. Let us know what you do and the outcome.

    I agree with everything posted but.... I have a precaution for you. My parents are in a very similar situation and have been in it for years. You need to make sure they are just crappy neighbors and not dangerous. My parents won't even leave their house to come visit unless they have someone to stay at the house while they are gone for a week. A few years ago they had to come here suddenly do to my illness and didn't have anyone lined up for the first 2 days of their trip. When my aunt got to the house there was a gas soaked blanket on the front porch. It is a good thing she arrived during the day or I honestly believe my parents home would have been torched that night. I am not trying to scare you. I am sure your location is different; my parents are in New Orleans and the landlord moved crack dealers into the house next to them 9 years ago. They have never succeeded in getting them out, only pissing them off. Of course there were corruption issues too. Hopefully the area you are in will be much more concerned with your situation and take action. I would just advise once the actions are underway, use extra caution until it is resolved. I worry about my parents daily. My dad is very hard headed and refuses to allow the dealers next door to run him out of his own home. Its a never ending battle and has been for years. I sincerely wish you much luck and success.

    Most of the lower income areas I buy in always have someone home because either they can't afford security or it's that bad plus many Mexican lower income households have no bank accounts and hide their money in the house. Is that crazy or what? I couldent believe it the first time I found out. Since many of them do it and the criminals know because their family does it too, you can see why someone is always home.

    In today's market burning down my rental would be a great thing. It costs more than twice as much to rebuild as I paid for the place plus lost rent, just make sure you have good insurance and coverage. All my rentals have hidden alarm systems while unoccupied and dial me directly where I can listen if anyone is in the home or trying to break in. It's all wireless with all separate parts including the dialer you can hide many places that uses a SIM card from any cell provider.  The system can operate for months with no power supply so it works well in homes that do not have the utilities connected yet. You can find similar systems from 400 to 800 dollars online, make sure to get one with remotes so you can hide the keypad too.

    i don't think you should be suing the he out there partying with the tenants??? c'mon man...its very difficult to evict tenants in certain areas (mine included) if they're breaking rules in your lease but still managing to pay will he prove in court that the noise was too loud (which is subjective btw), or that they put trash on your lawn?? this is why i put tenants on month to month leases only, but your neighbor's landlord may not have known that and he's stuck with them as you think he enjoys them?? prob not, or i should say, i hope not :) if they're breaking the law, call the cops...hold the tenants responsible since they're adults!! other than that, i could say you can move..when you move into a neighborhood you buy your property, but you don't buy the neighbor' there's never a guarantee of who will move in next door..sorry, i know that's not what you want to hear :)

    Bryan A.

      Well Bryan I certainly hope I don't have a home next to one of yours! The fact is I have video's of the kids littering, crossing my grass, screaming in front of my home, parents yelling at the kids constantly down at the park a block away, unlicensed dogs in my yard doing their business and yes it's their for dogs I have video of them barking all day and night in their back yard! Also the police have been called to that house many times since they moved in, there is more than enough documentation and accounts from all the other neighbors.

      I have one word for this kind of landlord.... SLUMLORD!

      Trust me with everything I have on this guy it's a slam dunk, I told the owner several times, emailed him video and pictures and gave him fair warning. He never called or wrote me back after the first time so on to plan B.

      Trust me if my tenant did this they would get a three day notice!

      jeffrey..i own several houses and apartments...i don't babysit my tenants and i can't possibly watch their every move..i would like to think that my tenants down throw trash on the ground, or yell loudly, etc..but i'm sure that every once in a while, you could drive by one of my properties and see something...that goes with the territory of my lower income and median income tenants and neighborhoods...i'm, sorry you disagree with me, but the landlord isn't out there screaming and littering..we should hold the guilty party responsible--that would be the tenants..when i first started out i had tenants on a year lease that i wanted to evict for arguing constantly with the neighbors, and having extra guests in the attorney advised me not to evict for see, it's near impossible to prove that in court..the extra guests will say they stay there some nights and other couches other nights, etc. etc...that's why i only do month to month leases with my tenants now, so i don't have to worry about proving anything in court--they simply get a 30 day notice...however, maybe your neighboring landlord isn't so lucky..perhaps he wants these tenants gone as well, but knows that he has little chance in court...

      you say you have "video's of the kids littering, crossing my grass, screaming in front of my home, parents yelling at the kids constantly down at the park a block away, unlicensed dogs in my yard doing their business and yes it's their for dogs I have video of them barking all day and night in their back yard"

      my question to you is why not sue them?? why sue the landlord?? doesn't seem fair to me..also, i'd hope that with all the landlords on this site, some of them would see my point of view..i'm tired of everyone taking it out on us landlords..anyone else???

      Bryan A.

        Jeffrey, I agree with Bryan here that you can't babysit your tenants. Let me ask you this question, if you had tenants like the ones you are complaining about and the owner or landlord next door complained about them. What would you do if the tenants were paying their rent each and every month on time? Would you evict them for this behavior even though they rent had never been late?

        It's almost impossible to collect from some loser tenant that is on welfare half the year and changes jobs every six months when they do work. So in this case you go after the landlord then he can they to make them pay it back. Also this landlord is one of those forieners from a country with constant human rights violations so this is business as usual for him. He hasn't learned this is America and you are accountable here. Here is a story for you, I have a tractor trailer rig to pull my race car and hotrods places, a CHP inspector told me that 90% of the people from his country that drive trucks come to America buy a simitruck and drive with no licence! I had one guy at the scales just miss my truck and run over the guys fender behind me. Guess what the driver had no insurance and no licence!

        I do not feel sorry for him at all, he has not returned any of my messages or tried to work things out with me at all. Most of the neighbors are good people and want these losers gone as well. In the evenings I used to see all of the neighbors out in front of their homes the kids played out front and at the park, since these people moved in, no one is outside and all their kids play in the backyards now.

        I have a tenant lined up for this house that won't move into my home because of the bad neighbors so it's going to cost me money and some really great people! When a landlord has been informed he has bad tenants with proof he becomes liable for a lawsuit if he does nothing. I may see if I can get all the neighbors to file a joint restraining order to have them removed. I have filed one before on someone and they have to stay 300 yards  from any of the named persons, cars,  businesses or homes of those people named. This means they can't even come to the house move there stuff without written permission from everyone on the order. 

        Bryan how good is a landlord if he rents to the first person that sees the house with cash and a pulse? These were the first and only people to look at the home, i heard the whole conversation and was stunned when I saw them move in! It took them less than an hour to move 6 kids and 5 adults into this 3 bedroom home, they own nothing of value, most of them don't even have real beds just a mattress on the floor!  They don't have a couch or anything in the family room, they have a card table for a kitchen table, now you tell me do you really think I could get one dime out of the tenants?


        Let us all know how this turns out. I think you make some strong assumptions. Were you running surveilance on the home for months in order to determine that the landlord showed the home to only one prospect?

        I think you make some wild assumptions about a person's character if they pick a bad apple to rent from them. The more homes you have, the more chances you have for it to occur. I have been there too. There's no simple test to filter out every single loser.

        You describe the neighborhood as lower income. I think your expectations may not be in line with the location of the home. In lower income areas, you're gonna have more issues like this.
        That being said, I hate crappy neighbors as much as the next guy.

        I'm quite interested to hear what a judge would say, as far as another person's ability to file suit against a misbehaving tenant's landlord and whether or not there's money to be won. Do keep us posted.

        Ed O.

          Yes I have been there from early morning to late at night since before the new owner took over. Those were the first and only tenants that looked at the home. Every other neighbor within eyesight of my home is quite and respectful of everyone else. I have owned this home six months so I have a very good take on the neighborhood, I personally know every neighbor on each side of me six houses down and have their phone numbers and they have mine. What most of them consist of is two families and all of their relatives and very close friends. We are all on the same page here and agree these are trashy people.

          When I buy a home I talk to the neighbors first to see if they are nice friendly people, I introduce myself and give them my card. If the neighbors are not nice near a home I'm interested in I don't buy it. Neighbors will make you or break you, if they don't have your back bad things happen. If any of my tenants get out of hand I get a phone call instantly from one of the neighbors watching out for me.

          Do a google search and you will find that landlords are responsible for bad tenants if they know about it. This may be a lower to middle income area but most of the homes are well kept and there is even a police officer (not from that town) living across the street from my rental so you know it's not a bad area or he would not live there.

          First and foremost, you're making rather large generalizations that could be interrupted as racist.

          "Also this landlord is one of those forieners from a country with constant human rights violations so this is business as usual for him. He hasn't learned this is America and you are accountable here."

          Based on the communication skills that have shown on this thread; I assume you're not getting a response from the owner because of how you're approaching the situation with him...

          I'll also assume that the renters are going out of their way to aggravate you for the very same reason. I know I wouldn't be happy if you were showing anger towards my kids and recording them with your camera.

          I'm with Brian, you can't sue the landlord for every little thing a renter does. And to be honest, it doesn't sound like any laws have been broken (other than the dogs) and you don't have a case. If laws are being broken, wouldn't the cop be concerned and help you with the problem?

          "Neighbors will make you or break you"

          They don't make or break my company. Bad neighbors can be a good opportunity.

           I'm not a racist I have been with only one white woman in my life, I have been with many other races, my wife is Japanese! I have had bad personal experiances with people like this guy because for one the treat all women like possessions not people! My ex wife sued the real estate company she worked for because of a guy just like this treating her bad. She won enough money to retire on so yes I'm a little biased.

          Things got way out of hand today and the police had to be called, the woman was in my face for calling the police because of her family and dogs. She came onto my property and I had to get her off of it. This happened because the owner outed me to them. I was nice to the owner of the home until he started ignoring my requests. The facts are their kids are trespassing on my property, littering on my property and I have a right to not have my place trashed. Yesterday the kids were on my enclosed trailer yanking on my light cord making the plug come loose. 

          If those kids are not watched constantly they get in trouble and the parents rarely keep an eye on them. I later talked to the officer and he said she was up in his face trying to tell him what to do and that he said he could see her really misbehaving while she was mad at me. He told her to keep her kids off my property or they could be arrested for trespassing and littering. I'm sure that went over well....

          Also my potential new renters showed up as I was leaving because I was outnumbered with all her family and friends there and I had to tell them to come back tomorrow. I'm bringing the wife for backup tomorrow, it's nice having a bodybuilder martial artist for a wife :) 

          It's been all quite since the police were called, those kids stay clear of my rental now I just worry about the vindictive woman that was in my face. ( I guess that's what insurance for me and jails for her are for.) I put up a nice iron fence along my driveway to stop traffic over my property just in case her kids forget. It cost me 298.00 total and a few hours of my time I should have been using to finish the home.

          The good news is my potential new tenants came back yesterday and still want to move in and another nice family is waiting in case the first family does not work out.

          I have some wonderful educated tenants in my rental that are almost never home so things are quite for me. Plus its winter time right now and the problem neighbors stay inside since they cant afford jackets, yes they use blankets to go outside! I'm sure the rest of the neighbors could use the help but you cant teach stupid people how to act right it just takes too much time. I can pass your info the the other good neighbors but I don't know if they will want their business on TV since one is a police officer.


          Jeff I think you are confused on a landlords job and people on welfare.

          A landlords job is not to be a babysitter or politician. Our job is to find someone who takes care of the property and pay rent. Them creating as little work for me as possible (not having an angry neighbor call me every day) is important too but mostly because I don't want to be bothered.

          If someone is on welfare it doesn't make them a bad person or disqualify them as a tenant (at least in my world). It sounds like you have judged the person mostly on that basis.

          I wish you luck. I'm glad you built that fence, now it sounds like time to find some other hobbies.

          Steve L.

          Those nice neighbors next door have trashed that house now. The new sod in front is dead they drove through the garage door and its gone, the upstairs window is broken out and the newly landscaped backyard is all dirt now. 

          Did I call to tell that loser of a landlord about any of this? Lol HELL NO! I hope they burn the place down. 

          See what happens when someone manages like you....

          BTW I have more hobbies than I have time for....

          to be honest, most tenants wouldn't have taken care of landscaping or new sod.....and the fact that this 'slumlord' installed landscaping or new sod refutes your whole point about him not taking care of the property..i would never sod my rentals, so i guess he's way better than me..seriously, i think you're pissed at the wrong mad at the idiot tenants and hold them responsible...your frustration at the landlord is misplaced and is the reason our country is going in the direction we're going..let the tenants slide..blame the landlord for things they didn't do..i agree with steve..go pick up a frisbee or learn how to paint

          Bryan A.

            I'm new to this site and I'm not sure if this is where I need to post this.  I live about 5 miles outside of a small town in 1 of 2 duplex apartments.  I have lived in the same apartment for almost 6 years with my little girl who is 5.  About a year ago a man moved in next door with his girlfriend.  At first they were kind of quiet and kept to themselves.  Now they have multiple kids under the age of 12 over at their house pretty much all the time.  They have no kids together.  These are relatives' or friends' kids.  There's nothing written in stone, but there are 2 parking spots for each apartment.  The neighbors or their company always park in the extra spot on my side.  They have tons of people and traffic in and out and they are very very noisy.  They open the front door and leave it open and send the kids outside to play unsupervised. The apartments are located not far down a dirt road and right at the end of the driveway is the road.  The kids are always on my side of the complex throwing down garbage, running around and they dig all my daughter's outside toys out and throw them all over the yard.  They have also stolen toys before.  I keep my daughter's toys on my side of the complex up next to the building. They also smoke very very heavily in their apartment and it has started coming through my vents and it smells horribly.  The girlfriend who is now the Nan's wife just sits inside all day on the couch watching tv and smoking. They leave the door to their apartment open all the time and the odor coming out of their is just gosh awful.  I've had to tell the kids to get back on their side and go home bc there is no one watching th and they just play in the road or by my car or just everywhere.  I have explained everything that goes on to my landlord a couple of times.  I'm very nervous about even approaching them calmly and politely about their behavior being a nuisance.  What are my rights as a renter and what is the landlord obligated to do to help me??  Please help me. My daughter and I are completely miserable and hate to come home.  It used to be so peaceful and nice out here.

            Originally posted by @Account Closed:

            Read up on the web about quite and enjoyment rights and you will find many people sue the landlord that will not keep his tenants under control. I just read another angle where the neighbors file a restraining order to make them move.

            I guess I got through to the owner because the tenant came out and apologized for his kids and told me if the grass gets torn up he will replace it tonight. He suggested building a fence along my driveway to cut the kids off. I may install three panels of vinyl fence in tan color, this will help keep their rat dogs out of my yard too.

             It sounds as though you are indeed getting through to the owner so your State laws may offer the possibility of suing him. Hopefully these obnoxious tenants will stop paying rent and then he will certainly have the motivation to get rid of them. I hope at least some of your neighbors will help you deal with this as you are surely not the only person who is impacted by their bad behavior. 

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