What is the average pet fee?

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We did $25 / mo for one dog on a single family plus a $500 security deposit and a one time $75 pet admin fee. This is all spelled out in the lease pet addendum.

Before permitting the dog on the property, we required a photo, name, weight, age, owner testimonial of the pets disposition and proof of current vaccinations.

I don't think you'll find an average. The most common is probably $25 - $50 per pet per month but I've seen a Landlord with a $950 rental that charged $300 a month for one dog...and the tenant paid it!

You have to study your market to determine demand and what applicants are willing to pay. I personally prefer one rate per pet but I like to increase it for a large dog or a restricted/dangerous breed.

Definitely find out the breed if its a dog and check with your insurance company.  Many of them have restrictions on certain breeds.  Getting an idea of size and vaccinations are obviously a good idea too.

I charge a $250 non-refundable pet fee and an additional $25 a month per dog.  Right now 3/4 units have dogs and nobody has batted an eye at those fees in Milwaukee.

I think I'm the biggest non-fan of pets on the planet - both personally and from a landlord perspective.  In my area I'm usually able to fill the unit without pets.  On the rare occasion where I must approve a pet, I make it hurt financially for the tenant... Usually at least $250 non-refundable fee and $50+ per month per pet.

On a related note, I manage 4 units ranging from a small condo in a rough neighborhood to a nice 3/2 SFH in a desirable school district. My observation is that number of pets owned is inversely correlated with income. In my low-rent property, nearly all potential applicants have pets. In my nicer properties, I can easily rent to non-pet owners.


Will totally depend on your market and what people are willing to pay. I always say be open to animals because 68% of the nation owns one, and that shrinks your pool of prospects. 

You should also restrict the kind of pets and amount of pets your tenants can have. No more than 2, keep away from the aggressive breeds, and restrict weight if you deem necessary. 

Your property should also determine whether you have pets. If the property has nice floors, or renting it furnished, no. But if you have tile, and renting the place vacant, why not? Is the yard fenced? If in a community, are there pet restrictions? The list can go on. 

Invest in an O-Zone machine if necessary. That will help with the smell once they move out. 

Maintain your AC unit. Furnish them with 12 months of air filters, have them change filters monthly, and have your AC on a 6 month service routine. Pet hair combined with negligence can result in higher AC repairs, over the amount paid in good practice. 

I charge a $400 pet fee. No pet rent, no deposits, that's just more things to keep track of. 

Do a 6 month walk through. See if the pet has done any damage to the unit, and address issues before they become major.