Potential tenant (offering $800 extra a month to allow pets)

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I have a potential tenant asking me about a rental property to allow pets.  I told them I do not allow pets.  They really want to rent the property because of school district. Not very many rental properties in school district and the ones that do have rental properties very few allow pets.   They came back to me offering me a additional $800 monthly if I would rent it and allow pets.   What does every one usually charge that allows pets?   A deposit and monthly pet fee?     This seems like a lot of money that there offering to allow 2 animals and wondering if I should consider my options on this?   Thanks for your help on this. 

Something fishy. Stick to your standards and pass on this applicant. Landlords that are receptive to bribes to compromise their standards don't have any standards.

No one in their right mind would be offering $800 for two pets. Either pit bulls or elephants.

@Brad Swaney - to help better answer you, could you share your reason(s) for not allowing pets. Also, what pet(s) do they have?

There's no set number....there's a monthly fee and deposit (which is sometimes broken down into refundable and non-refundable). So you could charge $50/mo pet fee, $250 deposit of which $100 is refundable. That's merely an example.

I'd consider it, even though most of our properties are pet free. That's an incredible amount of extra income!  

What kind of animals are we talking about? Consider the risk/benefit of this.

Be sure they are responsible pet owners and create a Pet Agreement that covers their responsibilities.

Here's ours:


(Addendum to Rental Agreement)

The Month-To-Month Rental Agreement (the "Agreement") dated_______________________ between __________________________________________________________________________, as Landlord and ________________________________________________________________________, as Tenant of real property located at _______________________________________________________, is hereby amended to include the following terms and conditions:

The rental agreement specifically prohibits keeping pets and animals without Landlord permission; Tenant agrees to follow these terms and conditions in exchange for permission to keep a specific pet:

Condition for keeping a pet:

Tenant agrees to pay additional rent of _____________ per month for the privilege of keeping this pet.

Tenant agrees to pay additional security deposit of ______________ for the privilege of keeping this pet.

Name of pet: ___________________________________________________________________

Description of pet: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (type, breed, color, age)

Veterinarian: __________________________________________________________________

Emergency Caretaker: ___________________________________________________________

Tenant agrees to:

1. Provide proper care for the pet in accordance with veterinary recommendations or ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) guidelines. See www.aspca.org.

2. Adhere to local ordinances, including leash, vaccination, and tag/licensing, requirements.

3. Clean up after the pet and dispose of pet waste properly and quickly.

4. Not to leave pet food or water outside the dwelling, as it could attract other animals.

5. Not to leave the pet unattended for any unreasonable periods of time.

6. Keep the pet from being noisy, aggressive, or from causing any annoyance or discomfort to others.

7. Immediately remedy any complaints that arise from pet behavior.

8. Immediately pay for any damage, loss, or expense caused to others by the pet.

9. Provide pet with regular health care, to include inoculations as recommended by a veterinarian.

10. Spay or neuter the pet when it becomes of age to do so.

11. Arrange for an emergency caretaker for the pet.

12. Maintain adequate insurance to cover claims resulting from damages or injury caused by pet.

Tenant agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and defend Landlord against all liability, judgments, expenses (including attorney fees), or claims by third parties for any injury to any person or damage to property caused by Tenant’s pet.

Landlord reserves the right to revoke permission to keep the pet should Tenant break this agreement or provide false or misleading information.

Landlord ___________________________________________________ Date __________

Tenant______________________________________________________ Date __________

Tenant______________________________________________________ Date __________

Hi Brad,

Does the applicant have the type of verified income source that supports an additional $800; because it seems very strange to offer such a large amount.

Especially for people with school age children.  An extra $800 a month to spend, and just to get into a public school?

And $800 a month for a pet WHAT?

Have you called their previous landlord and asked about them?

Good Luck with your decision.

Originally posted by @Thomas S. :

Something fishy. Stick to your standards and pass on this applicant. Landlords that are receptive to bribes to compromise their standards don't have any standards.

No one in their right mind would be offering $800 for two pets. Either pit bulls or elephants.

Where I come from, people will spend $100k or more extra to live across the street simply because of school district. And I'd be more worried about rottweilers. 

Hi @Brad Swaney ,

If the property is in a good school district, I'm guessing it will be in high demand.  Therefore, if you don't allow pets, stand firm on this policy and pass on this tenant.  $800 sounds like "easy money" but I'd flag it as "uneasy money." As @Thomas S. noted, this sounds very suspicious.  

Even if you are open to allowing pets, I wouldn't do it for this tenant.  Do some research on your local market as to what the going rates are, confirm what you're doing is in accordance to local laws and then you'll be in a better position to field questions from prospective tenants about pets.  It's a personal decision, so you'll get a lot of varying opinions on "to allow pets or not to allow pets" but ultimately, stick with what you're comfortable with.

Good luck!

Lol! I like the comments about... $800 for a pet WHAT? Pitbull, elephant...

Before pondering anything in detail, I'd just ask them what kind of pets it is. I can't imagine why anyone would offer $800/month for pets, but just get more info before jumping to conclusions. If for some reason the pets are normal and not obnoxious, shoot yeah I'd take $800/month extra! But find out first and then decide.

@Brad Swaney

I guess you’d be foolish if you don’t consider an extra $9600 a year for allowing pets. Just ask yourself “would I rent to them if they didn’t have pets?” and “can they feasibly afford the additional $800 per month based on income and credit report?”. I’d just be curious why they can’t afford to buy a home if they can afford an extra $800 on top of their rent. Seems like a high premium for pets or school district but I guess it’s probably cheaper than private school. Depending on the types of pets and if their financials and background checks come back okay I’d probably do it.

$800/month extra...to have 2 pets? Sounds too good to be true....and you know how that saying goes....

Where are they living now? Can you get a strong and reliable landlord reference? Go see the current unit they are living at to see its condition and meet the pets?

I would be very cautious and do a lot of follow up to check on these people....something doesn't smell right......

@Brad Swaney

$800? If they can afford it and can prove it I wouldnt care if it was a Alligator. An extra $10k a year would more than likely more than offset any damage. You can install all new hardwood flooring for that extra $$$. Assuming they are legit the reward out weighs the risk

Month #1: Standard rent + $800 pet fee arrives.

Month #2: Standard rent + letter from an internet doctor saying that they have diagnosed little Sally with anxiety due to her new school and she needs these existing animals as Emotional Support Animals. No extra $800 monthly will arrive ever again. 

Why don't you allow pets? We allow pets in all our properties. Like others have asked- what pets are they talking about here? Don't even discuss until they've passed your other standard screens. Good tenants have good pets.

If you take this bribe the tenants will own you. Once they know you can be bought there will be no end to the abuse they will inflict on you. Every time you have a issue they will simply point out they are pay $800 extra and you should back off and mind your own business.

After speaking with the potential tenant I let them know I am unfortunately not allowing pets.  Never went through with application process due to them having pets.   To answer some questions I do allow pets in one of my rentals.  Potential tenant had two dogs. That house that I allow pets. Does not have very many neighbors close by.   This house I will be renting is surrounded by neighbors and do not want to deal with neighbors complaining to me about the new tenants dogs continuous barking and so on.  I am managing my own properties I try to make sure I avoid issues of potential complaints from surrounding properties.   I appreciate all the feedback as a lot of good information I was given for future pet friendly properties.  

The good ol’ bait and switch. Don’t be gullible! No one is paying $800 extra monthly to hav pets.. and if they ARE willing to pay that, somethings still wrong. 

@Brad Swaney

I’m curious what rent amount you are charging. I know you passed on them, but $800 extra per month offer? Nobody does that. People get angry at $50 a month extra. Too bad we won’t know their story. Because there has to be a story.