Marketing for Florida Rental Properties?

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I have rented out many properties and have used Zillow/Trulia, Craigslist and of course listed on the MLS. Is there any other avenues of marketing my rentals in Florida that I might not be aware of? And I'm talking long term rentals, of course short term and air bnb is a totally different marketing method. Thanks!

Thanks, I'll look more into that! They look to be a property management company. Is it expensive? Do they charge you a monthly fee? I might be willing to pay if they take a percentage of original rent/fees but I wouldn't just pay for a monthly subscription right now. I collect my own rents as I only have 3 right now. Maybe when I get more rentals I might look into a property manager more.


You could work with a local PM company to do a lease only/placement to find you a renter, then manage yourself. Typically they would market, show and do the credit checks, criminal, lease, make ready, move in photos/video and then hand over the tenant and keys to you to manage

Yes I already do that through RE offices. As far as listing the property I don't think anything gets more activity than the MLS. I was just looking for other websites that might be unknown to me. Like Craigslist has actually been another successful route for me...