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Checking to see if anyone can help me with a Fair Housing Act question..My son and his girlfriend applied for a 2 bedroom apartment in Atlanta. They were denied the 2 bedroom, but offered a one bedroom "since they are a couple". They are already in a 1 bedroom in a different building, and wanted more space. Is this a legal reason to be denied??

@Kate Kratochvil My guess is no, it is not legal. Now it is possible a 2 unit wasn't currently available or they did not financially qualify for two bedroom. Based on the reason given, I think they case against the apartment complex based on "Familial status".  They may find a pro bono lawyer that can help them.

@Kate Kratochvil Like Ned mentioned, this would violate the "familial status" standard. Honestly, it doesn't make much sense because an extra bedroom can be turned into an office or something and they would be paying the same amount for a two bedroom apartment as two people who are just friends would be paying. Not a smart move on the building because they are actually losing money.... I would get details on what type of screening was done as well as other reasons they could've been denied for. Read about the Fair Housing Act here: https://www.hud.gov/program_offices/fair_housing_equal_opp/fair_housing_act_overview

@Kate Kratochv. Does it really matter ? They were denied and should move on . Are you looking to stir up strife over something silly or file a frivolous lawsuit? Young couples are notorious for being bad renters . They break up frequently and usually have shaky incomes

If they are in doubt they should be asking the landlord or PM why they were turned down for the two bed. They should not make assumptions, they should ask questions, if they want answers other wise they should just move on. 

All speculation based on hearsay. @Kate Kratochvil please post their denial letter that says that they were denied housing "since they are a couple". I doubt it even exists. More likely: Son just made something up for mom because he could not qualify financially for the 2 bedroom.

Isn't it usually the reverse?  You want to rent to less number of occupants so there is less wear and tear, less usage of utilities (if you pay for it)?  Why would they deny based on them being a couple?  Makes no sense?  Unlikely for an apartment complex to give such a biased answer to a tenant.

@Kate Kratochvil i dont believe it's a violation. The familial portion is in reference to children. You can be denied housing because of children.

Has nothing to do with being a couple

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"Can" should read "can't", you can NOT discriminate against families with children.

Originally posted by @Jason D. :

i dont believe it's a violation. The familial portion is in reference to children. You can be denied housing because of children.

This is so wrong! With the exception of it being a designated senior community or with very rare exceptions (own less than 3 units / live in the unit / etc, that have not been outlawed on your state/local level) you cannot deny renting to people with children.