Building multiple small structures on vacant land

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Hey! Been learning about real estate for a few years now saving money to invest. I was thinking of buying land and putting some small little buildings for people to rent.  I see that the biggest problem is finding a plaze thAt allows this kind of thing. So I was wondering what states and counties you know of that allow this?

I want to start out by living on the property and managing it and eventually moving when the place is running correctly. I’m aware that I need to set up water and electric so I was hoping to buy a place with a structure already on it (broken down but with utilities ect set up) 

I know its possible because i’ve stayed in Air bnbs that are basically just a lot of land with 4-5 small cabin like houses on it. Does anyone have any experience with this???  


I am new here so I don't have much advice to offer other than to pick an area and call the zoning board or code inspector for that area.  They will be able to tell you what you can build and how many units you can build on a lot.  Good luck to you.