Life proof vinyl plank or Laminate flooring

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Hi Everyone!

So this is my first property and I am rehabbing the back unit of a double. The unit itself is about 600 square feet. I am curious which is the better option, vinyl plank flooring or laminate.

From my research, laminate is a lot more cost efficient however it can become a liability in wet areas like a bathroom or by a sink. The 2.99 per sq ft price point of the vinyl plank seems a little over the top and seems like it could get expensive very quickly. However, I don’t mind spending it if I won’t have to redo the floors for 5-7 years.

So my question is this. From your experience, what have you found to be the most cost efficient, and drive the most longevity for your rental units, vinyl plank or laminate floors?

Thanks in advance!!

I’ve had good experience with laminate, but after I started installing LVP (vinyl) I am sold that it’s pretty much the only way to go. It’s definitely more expensive, and required for kitchens and bathrooms

I’ve started using it everywhere once I saw the laminate start to bubble a little in the living room of one property. It’s close to the door, so they probably come in with wet shoes.

Laminate will last 5-7 years in my estimation. LVP will last pretty much forever, or until it goes out of style.

I am renoing a new house and am going to try vinyl flooring from I use their kitchen cabinets all the time and the sample vinyl flooring I got looks good - and is significantly less expensive than lifeproof. Will see how it goes!

I use the vinyl plank floating floor from Surplus Warehouse and it is now my go to flooring. It holds up really well to tenants,  water and pets.

If you can install yourself, I've used and got click-lock vinyl plank as low at 1.22/sq ft including shipping on sale. It looks good, the qualilty seemed decent. (No affiliation other than as customer)