Keep security deposit for a repair done mid lease

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I currently have a rental in Keansburg NJ. My tenant has been flushing non flushable baby wipes down the toilet for an unknown period of time. So far I have racked up $600 in plumbing bills attempting to rectify the issue. Is it possible for me to deduct these costs from my tenants security deposit at the end of the lease period?   

That's a last resort. Give tenant the bill now, and if they refuse to pay, take them to court.

Make sure you get something from a plumber stating that this is the problem.  Also, if it's a multi, and the blockage is in the main sewer line, you have no proof it's him.  But if you have the evidence, then send him the bill.  If he doesn't pay, you can deduct it from his security deposit.  But If this is the kind of tenant who won't stop damaging your property, somehow I think that you're gonna get left holding the bag anyway on this.

@Kenneth Ross Would you happen to have something written in the lease about plumbing issues that result from tenant misuse? I have a clause that states that if a plumber determines that a drain is clogged by something a tenant puts down it (hair, grease, feminine products, wipes, etc), then the tenant must pay for the repair. Other plumbing issues are my responsibility to pay for.