Marijuana smells in a 4 unit multifamily

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Hello BP,

I own a quadplex 4 unit multifamily in a state where marijuana is not legal in any capacity (recreational or medicinal); and one of my tenants (A) has mentioned marijuana smells coming in through the vents shared among all units.  This is a recent complaint as we just moved in a new tenant (B) and prior to, there were no such mention of this issue.  Any advice on what I can or should do in this situation?  I know without hard evidence I can't make conclusions or accusations to tenant B, and at the end of the day can't control what individuals do, but is there anything I could do to maybe address or deter the issue?

Thanks in advance.

@Lexi Teifke Thanks for the reply, follow up to that would be because the building is a 4 unit and even though we assume it is coming from the newest tenant technically it could be from any of the units.  So what would be a safe way to have that conversation or would it be ok to say that, "We've received notice of smells coming from your unit?"  

We had the issue & couldn't exactly nail it down to one unit. Finally the kid was busted driving with more than that 'deemed' to be for personal use. We gave them a 30 day & soon after that we heard his wife was busted, also on a traffic stop, for street supply opioids. They were great kids with great jobs but now that & their marriage all lost to drugs.