Buying a Duplex with a Pool?

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Hi BP:

I have a landlord that is interested in selling me his Duplex. The unit he is living in has a pool. The Duplex will be for me and my family to live in and rent the other unit. Anyone has experience with Duplex that has a pool. Is it easy to maintain, what could be the extra cost for owning a duplex with Pool. I was thinking of renting the unit that has a pool.

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Great to have, but expensive to maintain, may need additional safety upgrade and expensive insurance for rental.

I have a pool in one of my multifamily, and it is a cash flow killer... I'm not sure that the little added value that I can get on a rent is worth it.

If I had the choice between a property without a pool and one with, I would choose the one without. However, if your numbers work, even after this extra expense taken into account, then why not.

Never invest in a rental with a pool, cost and liability is far too high. Investors that get a good deal purchasing a property with a pool should factor in the cost of filling it in. Never allow tenants to have a pool.

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I dont know why I just got a notification about your replies. But thanks for all the tips. I was hesitant if I should buy a duplex with a pool, mainly because of the pool expenses, even though I was planning on living in that side of the unit. But the deal ended up not going through anyways, so it was probably for the best. Thanks again for all your input.