Rentals and using Cozy Services

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Hey just starting out becoming a landlord. Read some reviews on cozy. Wanted first hand opinions on whether cozy is worth while for a new landlord?

@Derek Askew

Hi Derek,

I have a triplex and personally use Cozy for rent collection. It is a great and easy to use platform for both myself and my tenants. Many different types of payments are accepted and you can add additional move in costs, late fees, or credits. The only downside is the amount of time it takes for the money to be transferred to my bank account from when the tenant makes their payment. But hey, a free service needs to make money somehow!

@Derek Askew Great question — you may want to look into a service that offers a nice portfolio of tools to make managing your own rental super easy (that includes tools to list your unit, screen tenants, create digital leases, collect rent online and manage maintenance requests). Definitely some great suggestions out there. Alex has a great recommendation. Best of luck with making the right decision! :)