Looking for an experienced mentor

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Hello everyone,

New to REI, but am in love with it so far. Hopefully closing my first single family rental in the next couple days, but want to keep going. I am doing tons of research and think I know what i would like to do and where I would like to go. However, I would love to find a mentor - someone who has done 100+ deals, knows the current market or is actively investing still that I can learn from and bounce questions off of.

So all of that to say, where is a good place to find a mentor like this? Should I just find someone like this on BP and ask them?

Thank you in advance!

It's about adding value. Figure out what you can do to help someone who is doing what you want to do... and offer your services.

Without a formal mentor I have learned a ton by networking with local real estate investors. Most of us love talking about our deals and giving some advice.

Find a local real estate investor group. Demonstrate - and offer - value to the investor by helping them with tasks they don't want to do. This could be inspections, posting notices for late rent or lease violations, supply runs, acting as a hound-dog and helping find new deals, etc. Work for them in exchange for knowledge.