Lease extension, do I need to involve agent?

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I leased a property 2 years back using the agent who helped me find the renters and provided background check and agreement services for a fee. He is not a property manager. In his representation agreement 2 years back, he didn't mention about any fees for lease extension. Now the renters are asking for an extension. Do I need to involve the agent again? Do I owe him any fees for extension?

If I don't involve the agent, should I just make a copy of the previous rental agreement to be signed by both me and the renters?

In most states the landlord tenant codes have leases automatically convert to M2M at end of term. It is most common to simply allow this to happen, maintaining original lease language with annual rent increases, as opposed to resigning new leases every term. Let your lease convert to M2M. It is primarily to a landlords advantage and has no negative impact on good quality tenants. M2M is a win/win scenario.

You have no contractual commitment to the original agent.