Lakewood Colorado Duplex Subdivision

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We are in the process of buying an existing duplex (both units) in Lakewood, CO. The duplex has not been subdivided (but has two legal addresses)  and are in the process of determining what’s involved.  The city’s minor subdivision ordinance seems to address the division of land but doesn’t mention if there are any requirements for separate water/sewer lines or any other building related issues. I’ve done this process a lot in Denver which is fairly straight forward...anyone have experience in Lakewood?

@Dean Myerson

Hey Dean, welcome to the B/P community!  I bought my first property in Aurora and it was the same way, two separate addresses.  The most confused person in the entire transaction was "Aurora water".  They refused to believe a duplex would not be "A" and "B".

Hi Dean, I own duplexes in Lakewood and have brokered hundreds of duplexes in Lakewood, Wheat Ridge, Westminster, Arvada, and Denver.  The reason there are so many duplexes on the west side of town is that they are cost prohibitive to subdivide.  Unlike Denver, your water and sewer providers will require you to put in separate water and sewer lines.  City of Lakewood also has frontage and lot size requirements that are sometimes hard to maintain when doing a split.  From time to time i run into a duplex that was originally built with two water and sewer lines but that is rare.   

Dean, checking in to see if you moved forward with subdividing this duplex.  Always interested to learn if you went through the process and what your experience was.  Thanks!

Hi Dean, I own a similar property and have explored the same idea. Spoke to a real estate lawyer about it and he said mostly the same as Brad. Seems like the process would take about a year and there is no guarantee you'd get approval from the city and the entire process would cost roughly 30-60k most likely. Might not be worth it depending on what they could sell for individually. However, it seems like ours may be worth about 550K now and maybe in the neighborhood of 705K separately as townhomes but that's not a sure bet we have to do more research. Regardless, I'd love to hear if you found out anything more about this and maybe if you are in our neighborhood we can work together on it! Ours is near Kipling and Colfax. 

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