What Are Your Tenant Repair Timeframes?

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Hi All,

No matter how big or small an issue, tenants expect a repair to be done yesterday.  As property owners we similarly want repairs done quickly.  However,  for a variety of reasons it can't be done - you can't find a vendor, it's a holiday weekend,  parts aren't available, vendor flaked out etc.

How and when do you set expectations with tenants for how soon repairs can be done?  Do you have timeframes by repair type (e.g. appliance, heating, leak etc)?  Do you share this info in leases, common areas, property management software?  If you have a doc that shares repair turnaround times, I'd love to see it.

Trying to understand how to manage tenants who have type A personalities in wanting repairs done immediately.

Thanks in advance!

I don't have any written timelines or commitments.  

I do explain up front what an emergency is - like no heat in the winter - and what an emergency is NOT - like no AC in the summer.

I also explain that in general I do for them what I do for me.  That means waiting until standard working hours for most things and paying for normal delivery times as opposed to paying overtime for weekend work or overnight deliveries for parts.

Just a year or two ago I did pay a $400 flat charge for having a plumber fix a leak on new year's eve.  The leak was in crawlspace and tenant was not bothered by it but I tend to treat leaks almost equal with emergencies.

If I had a "needy" Type A tenant who began to bother me, I'd fall back on, "I regret I can't seem to keep you happy. If you'll clean up and help me show I'll let you out of your lease early." No one has ever taken me up on that offer...