need some help--- need a key for rental

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This is my first time posting. I became involved in property management because of my husband. He died in the last year but was managing the rentals. I enlisted help from a property management company.  since my husband was managing it, I don't know where a key is for the home, his death was unexpected and fast so we never discussed it and he wasn't very organized with that kind of stuff. 

I have asked the property management at least 7 times to get me a key and they still haven't. Today I emailed the tenant and asked them.

It's frustrating and a strange problem. I'm not sure what to do. Any ideas?

Thank you. I will do that. I was thinking I should get rid of this property management company because this is one of many issues with them. How long do you think I should wait for the tenants to respond ?

It's possible that the tenant changed locks and didn't tell anyone. As a result, the PM doesn't have a key (the PM also could have misplaced it somehow), but that's something that they should be communicating with you. Now you're in the dark, and having to handle things yourself, which defeats the purpose of having a PM in the first place

I'm sorry to hear you're in this situation.  My first thought was exactly what @Theresa Harris  said.  I also agree with @Alex Smith .

If the tenant is paying you may not need a key?

I have one in case there is an emergency (there never has been) or in case the tenants lock out or in case they disappear.  If the PM is collecting rent and there are no problems, maybe you don't need to go to the trouble of changing locks at this time.

Yes maybe I don't need a key but it's not ridiculous to ask for one, given I'm the landlord/ owner. And given the circumstances, it's understandable I didn't have a key. My husband died less than a month after he was diagnosed. The tenant hasn't responded to my email and I think that is rude. I think giving them time to respond- a week or 2, and then just getting a locksmith to change the locks seems reasonable given the tenant and property managers behavior.

If you have a property manager, there's no need to have a key. You can't go in unless you've given notice first, which should be done through the manager and the manager should go with you.

Your PM should have at least responded to your request with an explanation of their policy and why you don't need a key. Their lack of communication is a red flag that your manager may not be a good one.