Canadian family 4 year military commitment-Anyone have experience

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We have a family that is coming from Canada on a 4 year military commitment. Wanting to lease our home for 4 years. Only problem is getting background check and credit report because they don't have a SS number. Does anyone have experience? We are impressed with the family. They have a military clause in the contract, basically says if he is reassigned or released from service, they can give 30 days notice to be released from the contract. Anyone have suggestions-pro's and con's?

@Allen Smith I am a Veteran and a Realtor with a Military Relocation Professional designation. So I have experience working with military relocations. Without getting into nuances of federal law friendly foreign service personnel are afforded the same rights as US military personnel. So the 30 day out clause of a lease applies to them as well. You can request a copy of their orders too. But also on their tenant application make sure you get their unit office contact info and commanding officer. If you have any issues with the tenants you can always reach out to that unit. But only as a last resort. But 99% of the time they will be good tenants. But our Canadian comrades do a lot for the global war on terror. So I would personally have no issues having them as tenants. 

That is good to hear. My experience, out of country family deployments make great tenants. Remember, the spouse that is not the soldier is really the one that runs the house. Not the one in uniform. As my wife use to say when I was on active duty when I walked in the door my rank came off. She declared she was "the General of this house." We have been happily married for +17 years....