Hawaii Rental lease agreement?

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I have a client in Kilauea that owns a home and needs to re-negotiate a lease for a property there.  There's been a person living in the home and trading "work" for rent.....I just met this person last week.  Any advice is welcome. Thanks!

Need to review any existing lease. If there's no existing lease then you'd probably just have to give him the standard written 45 day notice of rent increase. You can google the Hawaii landlord-tenant handbook to reference. I just use the HAR rental agreement because they cover everything. But I also think that signing a lease mostly protects the tenants, so I prefer not to be locked into a lease.

Never do worktrade. If you want to pay the tenant to do work, pay them cash in a separate agreement from the lease. That way the rent is due on the first no matter if they do the work or not. And you can fire them if they do a bad job and still have a tenant on the hook for the full rent. 

In my experience tenants usually want to be paid for work that's their responsibility anyway . . .  like maintaining the yard. 

LMK if you need a blank lease agreement.