Most durable paint for high moisture bathroom/steam room?

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Hi all,

What do you recommend as the most durable type of paint for a high moisture room such as a steam shower and or sauna? 

I was looking and saw a couple of recommendations. Benjamin Moore has an Aura paint, and then Sherwin Williams sells a Pre Catalyzed Waterborne Epoxy paint. 

Your thoughts?

I built a 12x15 hot tub room with a 10 man hot tub that is at a constant heat of 98degF & is used 2-3 times a week. There is no other heating in that room.

When in use it literally steams the windows & moisture drips from the walls & ceilings even with the exhaust fan working. 

I used a light colored Behr exterior latex paint. That was 10 years ago & its still in perfect condition & there is no staining, mold or water mark runs that you often seen in many bathrooms. I am very impressed with the paint & we have used it successfully in many of the rehabbed bathrooms we have done since.

Didn't think of using an exterior paint on the inside...interesting....

The bathroom my 17 year old son uses get surface mold on the walls and ceilings....clean it every month or so....but he steams the hell out of the room with his 45 min showers.....don't ask...... small window open, and no fan.... still surface mold/mildew.....

Originally posted by @Mike M. :

@Bryan Devitt what benefit does the exterior sheen provide over what interior does? They both include mildew resistance

 The sheen doesn't matter, use whatever you want for the desired look. I've used Behr exterior on my bathrooms for years and my business partner has been using Aura for years. Now that we work together he likes the quality of Aura better (it lays flatter/smoother, the exterior is thicker) for the walls and I like to use a flat white exterior for the ceiling. That way the ceiling can be washed/wiped clean but still looks like normal ceiling paint. The thickness also helps hide minor imperfections. 

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