Public Adjuster - Baltimore MD

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There was a fire that happened in the unit next to mine and as a result, the fire department broke into my unit to ensure that there was no internal fire happening between our shared walls. In addition, there was water damage from the roof due to them trying to put out the fire from the roof top. 

My insurance is estimating the cost to repair at $15k, but when I had a few contractors come out, they stated that the cost to repair is anywhere from $75k - $100k. HUGE DIFFERENCE! Hence the need for a public adjuster to help me negotiate with the insurance company. 

Does anyone have any recommendations/referrals of public adjusters in the the Baltimore, MD area? A google/yelp search doesn't show very many. Besides the 7% - 10% fee that the public adjuster takes off the top, are there any other pros/cons to using a public adjuster? Any body have positive/negative experiences?

I look forward to your help and any advice.