How to start managing airbnbs for others?

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Hi! It's been a while since I've been on here.

I went to this fabulous Airbnb a few months ago and got wary when the host wasn't on the property appraiser's website. She worked a full time job in a hospital, and ended up managing two rentals for some investors. I live in a great area for travel and work, and would love to get started doing that on the side!

My day job since I've graduated has been transaction coordination and disposition managing for a local REI company. I'm no stranger to organization, keeping people on track to do what they need, and have availability to answer my phone and work on the side throughout my work day.

I don't have my own properties yet but thought this would be a great way to earn extra income to do so! My entire life revolves around real estate.

Do you know how I could get started marketing myself for this kind of thing?

Any help and advice would be appreciated.

Thanks BP Community!

@Amber H. , I think that is a great idea to try and make some side income.  My wife and I host an Airbnb and have had a blast so far.  One thing that is nice but unfortunate for your situation is that the company is very protective of the hosts privacy.. Nice for us but it makes it difficult if you want to contact/message a lot of hosts in an attempt to market your services.  In order to message the hosts, you have to actually request to book their place.  If you find properties with flexible cancellation policies, you can try requesting random open dates and start a message conversation with the hosts.  I would recommend being up front and let them know you are not going to keep your booking request because most hosts will probably get annoyed if you are not actually booking their Airbnb.  You could get your foot in the door and maybe you will find a host that is wanting to take a less active role in their business.  Good luck and let me know how it goes for you!